Posted by: shannonc | August 8, 2012

Blog, resurrected!

I swear, it was my plan all along, but to no one’s great surprise, full time care of an infant makes life a little busy!  Which makes resurrection a little late.  At least I have a good excuse for my absence, right?  Or at least a really cute one!  Happily, after a number of months feeding around the clock at 1-2 hours’ spacing, I finally learned to drag myself out of bed and ride in the early morning after taking care of the barn (no, there is no such thing as napping when the baby naps – at least, not if you want to vacuum, dust, do the laundry, clean the kitchen, and scrub the toilets.  Cooking?  No chance!).

The pony has reacted to the end of his vacation with more relief than I would have predicted.  I wouldn’t exactly say he has a great work ethic (ha, hahaha), but I would say that he feels more secure and confident overall when he has a job to do.

This is not to say that our rides haven’t been well punctuated with various moments of…resistance, er, abject terror.  The pony, recall, fears (to the point of bolting, natch, the patented pony spin-and-bolt) predator threats such as his own fly mask and windows being opened nearby.  So you can imagine his reaction to this carnivorous signage:

Yup, he took one look and backpedaled rapidly across the parking lot, snorting with wild abandon and not letting a little thing like me being attached to the end of the reins bother him.  It’s good to know he remembers me with such fondness.  Five minutes of inch-by-inch forward progress and much suspicious blowing later, I managed to get him to put his nose on the sign and reassure himself that he was going to live through the experience of passing by it.

Next, 3-phase eventing!  Oh, we’re so ready.


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