Posted by: shannonc | August 26, 2012

It’s not easy being green (reprise)

Pony and I needed to step up the xc schooling.  Here’s how that went:

Cartoon thanks to Norman Thelwell

Oh, pony.  Tiny log => must be soundly whacked to negotiate, then run off after.  Up bank => buck (up?  Really?).  Woods entry => much snorting and dancing…sculptures marking woods exit => giant spook!

Couldn’t really  blame him for the stop at the honking table I mistakenly thought was on my course, and the other one resulted when I wasn’t quick enough to get after him.  He very clearly says “WTF?!?” from several strides away, and if I’m not fast and organized, it’s not going to happen.

On the plus side, we got through 3 back-to-back mini-courses over good distance and terrain without wearing out, so our conditioning program is on track.  And aside from when he was peeved at me, he was pretty rateable.  Balancing was a problem – he was coming above the bit to avoid me – I need a new running attachment, which is on order.  Straightness was also an issue.  Partly I know I have to fix that on the flat, and partly I attribute it to his knowing the property, creating a strong pull towards home.  He didn’t do anything dirty, he just required me to be 100% on task and when I fell short, I paid a price.

Mistakes he won’t tolerate include my being a stride or two off timing with my stick or not quite solid with my eye.  Fairly picky stuff, but I need to sharpen up too.  I’m hoping more exposure will make him feel more confident and let me shake the dust off a bit more.  We are green all over again.

It was quite entertaining…but not the sort of entertainment I necessarily want to provide at an event!



  1. Love this!! You are going to learn a lot because he is the ultimate teacher!

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