Posted by: shannonc | August 8, 2012

One seriously pissed off pony

Well, you wouldn’t think it, would you?

So, the pony is entered in his comeback event!  Always pleased to oblige, today he demonstrated the sort of dressage work we might be able to produce in Ye Olde BN Test A at the beginning of Sept.  Just a little snippet for me.

My mom always says to look on the bright side and if I can’t say anything nice…so let’s see here.

Apparently, he can passage.

Working trot?  Not so much.  Unless I don’t mind if he opens a yawning hole on the right by dropping his hip and pooching his left hind out to the left.  Heard in my lesson:  “that noise on the wall?  That’s the left hind”…

I’m waist-high in the boot camp of Do Less.  You know Shannon, you might be able to concentrate on something besides staying in the gait if you, say, required the pony to carry you, instead of doing things the other way around.  And oh, it’s really time to make him be straight.

So I started to get the hang of this in the lesson, a little bit (less=way harder than more!), and my sweet, loving pony – who, in the way all ponies do, thinks the sun rises and sets on me – not! – pitched a no-holds-barred hissy fit.  It was hysterical.  He all but threw himself to the ground in his fury.  I could barely ride at all because he was making me laugh so hard.  You could just see him saying in his shouty caps, “THE OTHER WAY WAS OH SO MUCH BETTER FOR ME!  LET’S GO BACK THERE SHALL WE?”

I guess we will find out in four and a half weeks ;)


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