Posted by: shannonc | August 14, 2012

The free pony strikes again

Anyone who has adopted, rescued, or otherwise taken home an animal after having uttered the words “but he doesn’t cost much”…you people know where I’m going with this.  You’re thinking you’ll just give them a good home, and boom:  enter the partially digested Manolo collection, complex surgery, long-term medication, re-engineering of your house, or whatever.  I like to tell myself that the ones who need suckers people like us find us somehow, and all is as it should be, mmmhmm.

The pony entered my life as a companion to my (at the time) semi-retired Prelim horse, and as a potential resale project.  He did not come with any great competitive accomplishments or other impressive resume bullet points.  Now, the original job he does very well.  It was riding him that was a mistake.  Because he is fun, and has a generous measure of talent to boot, so I wanted to ride him more, and not necessarily sell him.

I still have no complaints about the pony.  He’s totally adorable and a blast to ride, plus (if you subtract the elimination troubles that we eventually figured out came from sore feet) he’s been pretty successful at eventing.  And there is nothing terribly wrong with him, thankfully, though he clearly prefers the good life (“Mummy, I know I am a little pony, but could you see your way to putting some shoes on me? I’d like four”).  I just find it very funny to compare the general expenses of the two – the “tough” little season-of-BN pony and the delicate TB who came up the ranks from the track to Prelim in five years of hard work.

Naturally, the pony wins hands-down.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go cold hose and prepare for his chiropractic treatment and massage…


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