Posted by: shannonc | April 29, 2011

rk3de 2011

No, I have not abandoned you!  I’m just a little, er, stalled.  But there is nothing like the biggest event of the year in the US to get my heart racing.  This year there is free live streaming, so I’ve been glued to the computer, of course.

With Peter Atkins not in the race this year, I’m hard pressed to pick a favorite rider.  But I *have* picked a favorite horse:  Snip!  This was an almost too easy choice…

  1. He’s one of the smallest horses in the competition this year at 15.3.  I have to say he did not look anything like small to watch, though – he carried himself very proudly!  The look he wore on his face the whole way around his test was clearly, “I got this!  I got this!”
  2. He’s a TB (a NZ TB.  I dream of owning one of these someday.  A BAY one, thank you very much).
  3. He is, I believe, the oldest horse at Rolex 2011:  19.  I can only imagine the love and care that Joe Meyer has put into keeping this horse sound for a four-star level of competition.  Joe said in an interview that the horse just wasn’t ready to retire – and even to an outsider, it’s pretty obvious Snip loves his job.  Even the dressage!
  4. See how this was a patent choice?  Senior, grey, little TB?  Likes the dressage?  Okay, yeah, right.  I have one of (most of) those in my back pocket…and if Snip can do it…we best get cracking!

Snip and Joe at Badminton

The image is from Joe’s website.  A lovely dressage photo can be found there on Snip’s profile, too.


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