Posted by: shannonc | February 8, 2011

More of winter

We’re up to seventy-something inches of snow so far this winter.  Home improvement stores have big signs out front titled “WE’RE OUT OF” with extensive lists underneath:  shovels, ice melt, roof rakes…at our house we actually broke a shovel trying to clear snow.  It just wore out.  And making headway on the roof was, well, entertaining. 

Hardware stores are recommending that MA residents hop on over to VT or CT to find rock salt.  We have to snowblow space in the paddock for the ponies – we have to snowblow just to open the paddock gates.  Facebook is covered with photos of people’s snow and ice damage, and every night the news features a new story of a building collapse.

I vow that on the 80th inch, I will score 1 for winter and 0 for our front walk.  That thing is long.  We can get in through the garage.

Or we could go through the back door.  You know, up the porch and through the back door.  This porch.

This door…

Or not so much.

It can be pretty:

And the ponies aren’t unbearably cranky yet.  Or at least, their appetites are still okay.

This is such a revealing photo of pony dynamics at our house.  Blue comes over to say hello, and the little one tries to sneak across to the other hay pile.  He even looks sneaky, doesn’t he?

Two minutes later, here’s the picture:

He’s a very cheerful loser, that one.

I owe an award post.  I swear I will get to it.  It’s just that the snow ate my homework.



  1. *thumbs up* for great photos!

  2. Great pix -it is incredible! Glad to see everyone is still managing!

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