Posted by: shannonc | August 23, 2010

The walk of shame

Here’s one for those out there who say that people reserve their blog entries for self-congratulatory reports only.


Event report:  Great Vista Horse Trials, Fort Plain, NY – Area 1 Beginner Novice Championships

Very appropos fence decor

I planned to get up Saturday, finish packing, wash the pony, pop him on the trailer and be on the road before noon, so that I could ride, walk courses, braid, and clean tack after we got there about 3:00.

Wrong.  We started the weekend with a 3.5 hour trip that took 7.5 hours.

Got to Fort Plain just before dark, threw the pony in a stall with hay and water, ran through the xc course, then rode in the pitch black, tucked the pony into his light-free temporary stabling, and went to find the hotel.  Got up at 4am to feed, braid, clean tack, walk xc again, and be ready to get on in time to warm up for dressage.

All in the torrential rain.

Telling myself every dark, wet step of the way that yes, I do this for fun.


For the BN Ch, we had judges at both C and E

The pony was not too keen on the grass warmup footing and was wired for sound when he headed around the ring for his on-deck warmup.  He spooked at the C car’s headlights and then heading down the long side on the right rein, had a little explosion.  He came back right away but I was petrified that we might have messed up the test in the ring next door.  Fortunately, that horse didn’t seem to make a peep over the pony’s antics.

Once in the ring, he put in a fairly steady test.  Not 100% consistent, but really going in the right direction.  He didn’t let being soaked distract him very much at all, and went right to work.  Here are some stills:

Just left of C but prompt, square and got 7s from both judges

When I got back to stabling, the person next door to me commented, “this is the kind of day where people who don’t have a good test will just scrap the rest and go home.”  I thought that over for awhile, and checked the scores before tacking up for xc, but nothing was posted.

That was why I didn’t know heading in that the pony was standing 7th out of 26 starters after dressage, with a 34.1 – our season best score to date.




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  2. Oh, come on now. Freaking TBC……

  3. Dear Sarah, I think the title is a pretty good preview, don’t you?! lol!

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