Posted by: shannonc | August 18, 2010

The Book of Doxy

40 x 100mg tablets, 2x/day; probiotics 5mg, 2x/day

Dose 1:  PM Sat 14 Aug

Doses to date:  8

Body work:  16th

Ridden:  15th, 17th

Adverse effects:  none so far


I think the pony is responding.  It isn’t like night and day, but he does seem more comfortable and is definitely more cheerful.  He can still feel choppy when he’s behind my leg.

On the 15th, in 3 of 4 canter transitions he swapped behind on the down.  It’s quick:  he swaps behind and then next stride is directly to trot.  I got one clean down transition to the right.  This is an improvement over not being able to hold the canter cleanly before being asked to trot, but at the same time, not really what you would call a test-caliber transition.

On the 17th, no swapping at all.  Since it’s measurable, I’m taking it as a useful yardstick.  He continued to be on the stiff side – I did a lot of suppling work and still did not get him completely soft.

The dressage has come apart a little bit in the last two weeks.  Part of it is a week and a half of light work and him not feeling his best.  Part of it is that since he has become steadier in the bridle, we’re now working more on lateral suppleness.

The pony could take lateral suppleness, or leave it.  Mostly, he would like to leave it.  His attitude seems to be that he turns just fine without bending, so what is the big deal?

Consequently, when I ask, he gets stuck/fusses/drops behind my leg.  Joy warned me that this would be a phase we’d just have to work through.  The question I have atm is whether I can rewind effectively enough for a test on Sunday.  We’ll see about that.

Tomorrow we jump.  If that goes well, we’ll probably green light the trip to NY.  Doxy is not a restricted substance at this time, so I can keep him on his script right through the event.  Saturday night will mark a week’s worth – from what I understand (and it seems to vary a lot by horse), we’ll be able to see some, but not full, effects at that mark.  Two weeks would be better. 

If he feels shaky, I don’t plan to push it.  The ground is very hard.  No sense compounding irritation with concussion.

On the 16th, Natalie said he has some soreness, but nothing of the caliber we saw on Thursday.  Her $0.02 was that she found nothing that would make her advise against jumping him, but that the best course of action might be to let him tell me.

“And,” she said, giving me a ponyesque grin of slyness, “you know he will.” 

Uh, yes.  But pony, just for the record, I’d like it if you’d send me the memo before we drive 10 hours to jump one fence!


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