Posted by: shannonc | August 16, 2010


I used to think that Blue pins his ears and chases the pony around on occasion because he’s the alpha horse in the herd.  It turns out that it’s because he thinks the pony is a princess diva.

Overheard in the barn:

Blue:  *rolls eyes*  oh, gawd.  What’s your problem now?

Pony:  *sniffs haughtily*  well, since I didn’t want to jump at my last event, Mom wants to know if there is something wrong with me.

Blue:  zomg.  Deja vu all OVER again.  Didn’t we do this already?

Pony:  yeah, but that was that problem.  This is this problem.

Blue:  and what would this be, exactly?

Pony:  well, the vet said I am really, really sore, all over – but especially stuck in my lower neck and shoulder on the right side.  I looked awful on the longe line – hitchy behind again, even. 

Blue:  oooh, mister sensitive.  Did she fix you?

Pony:  she did a lot of chiro on me and I felt a little better afterward, but my movement still looked pretty bad.

Blue:  chiro?  I hate that stuff.  I’ll take the acupuncture needles any day.  I got an A++ on MY visit, btw.

Pony:  no thank you on the needles.  It was bad enough when she took my blood for the Lyme test.

Blue:  Lyme?  News flash.  We live in Massachusetts.  There’s not a negative Lyme test to be had for miles around.

Pony:  yeah, but the vet says that even low reactive values can manifest strong symptoms, if the titer shows a relative change over time.

Blue:  manifest?  Aren’t you fancy.  *snorts*

Pony:  I’m going to get a lot of pills now and see if they make me feel better.

Blue:  my last Lyme test was moderate reactive.  You don’t see me limping around, refusing jumps, and begging for better living through chemistry.

Pony:  bully for you.  I want to be COMFY.

Blue:  what you oughta want is to grow a pair, pony.

Pony:  whatever.  You want to walk a mile in my hooves?

Blue:  dear pony, when you have raced on two tracks 1500 miles apart, been evented since the age of 5, and jumped all season at 3’7″ without ever having one lame day, we can talk about who needs to walk in whose hooves.  Puhleeeze.

Pony:  I can jump that big.  I’m a brave pony!  I just want to feel not so ouchy.  You know it’s important to say when you’re ouchy, otherwise how do the humans know?  Now…can you hand me that crown over there?  I dropped it.  I hope none of the crystals fell out…


What is the saying?  A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma…?  Did Winston Churchill know my pony?

I swear, the pharmacist didn't even laugh at me...

The pony has had four doses of doxy now, and does seem to be feeling a little better.  Natalie is coming today to work on him…I hope he gets a good report card.  I’ve only been flatting him, and I’m in wait and see mode about scratching him from the BN Ch at Great Vista this weekend.

Fingers crossed that we’ve found the problem.



  1. It’s the Arab in him!!!!!!! :p

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