Posted by: shannonc | August 7, 2010

Eventer’s dressage anthem

(To the tune of My Country Tis of Thee)

I took some poetic license with the rhyme scheme…

My elbows belong to me

My elbows belong to me
Gonna rock out test B
Who needs to jump?
Love me, the dressage queen
Four feet inside the ring
Bit cleared by the TD
Riding the rump.

But flowers hide mountain lions
Head’s up there in the sky
Starting to fail.
And then my lengthen dies
Centerline swerves side to side
Circles are supersized
It’s time to bail

What happens next at C?
Will my coach speak to me?
When will it end?
Sidesteps the judge can see
Hearing my 50 ding
Oh hell, just let him be
There is no bend.

Woohoo, we’re almost free
Just can’t get the big E
Then we can jump.
Finishing is the key
Halt sticks still perfectly
So haunches swing toward B?
Now we can jump!



  1. :D

  2. Your creativity blossoms when you’re stressed!

  3. Quite cute…thanks for posting it.

  4. hehhehehehehhehe

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