Posted by: shannonc | August 6, 2010

A present

The pony doesn’t ask for much.  An infinite supply of treats on demand, a friend to play with (read: hassle), and of course, a mouthpiece for his many erudite views (thus the blog).

I, on the other hand, am very demanding.  I’ve been wanting a new xc saddlepad all season long, but haven’t found the right thing in the right color at the right price.  I want thin, contoured, and lilac, preferably with chocolate trim.  Blue has a violet pad but it’s too much on the pony.  Pony, as we all know, prefers the delicate, subtle and classical to match his Grace Kelly-like comportment…*snicker*

Via COTH I was put in touch with a custom saddle pad seamstress, who sent me photos of her amazing work, but a pad from her will have to be reserved for Christmas-caliber gift requests.

The pony did, though, after all, qualify for the Area Championships…so he’s earned a little something, right?  I mean, even if he doesn’t *know* he wants a saddlepad…he totally does.  If he went around cross country in the same old boring black and white on his big day, all the other fun, color loving ponies would make fun of him.

Desperate to bail the pony out of certain ostracization, I again turned to COTH.  They helped me with a bunch of links, and I finally took the plunge and ordered a cute Perri pad for under $50.  I thought it wouldn’t arrive till just before Great Vista but it landed on the doorstep yesterday, so maybe we’ll break it in at Snowfields!

Phew…dodged a bullet there huh?

The new addition!

Ribbon detail - not chocolate, but still rather edible looking!



  1. CUTE!!!!!!!! Are you going to snowfield’s this weekend???? or is it next????

  2. always has great stuff and good prices. You can order anything from Michelle Brochu who runs it…Nice pad you order thou , I mist say(;

  3. Oh, I love The Gift Horse! Years ago at Stoneleigh I bought the best stud stuff holder ever made from them. It was a girly colored (bright blue and teal) PrettyNeat toolbox type thing. I still have it, and still carry it around, even though the pony is barefoot!

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