Posted by: shannonc | July 26, 2010

The better part of valor

Torrey says hai!

I decided we would go ahead and enter the BN Championships for Area 1.  At first I thought the idea was crazy.  I mean, we’re not winning at BN in general, although we have certainly improved over our horrible start this season at UNH.  By improved I mean we’re making our way back to where we were…oh, last September.  *grrr*

That’s not quite fair.  I actually think the dressage has gotten better.  I think.  Maybe.

But nevermind that, I took the virtual tour for the course at Great Vista and I thought, “what’s the worst they can do to this?”  There are a lot of logs.  We totally do logs.  I suppose there could be a whole different set of really big fences decorated with oodles of…petunias, or vintage purses or something.  But, what the heck, my heart won’t be broken if we go home just having participated.  Qualifying is kind of cool.  So why not?

Besides, I am (shhhhh) considering a Novice move up.  So what could be wrong with Ch-caliber BN sj and xc?  It should be a good test for me and the little pony.  And if at any point I think something is going to scare him and send him mentally backpedaling…I don’t have to do it. 

Because of my evil, scheming ways, I took a look at the calendar and started to think maybe I should do the NBN at Snowfields in the beginning of August.  You know, raise the bar and then lower it again for the Ch to make it seem easier in the hopes that the pony would eat it up.  But we really haven’t jumped a lot at 3 feet, and raising the bar has to stop short of disaster.  We were getting to the height before figuring out he was hurting.  Since recovery I have just wanted to feel he’s happy at 2’6″ and I admit I’ve been a little tentative about pushing it.

But, evil scheming.  A week ago I went to Vicki’s and we set up a fancy course in her big ring.  I didn’t think to take a pic of it till I was back there the next day, at which time the height wasn’t the same, and the bounce to two stride gymnastic was dismantled.  But here’s the idea:

Course at Over the Moon Farm

I thought he did pretty well.  He’s a careful jumper.  However, both of us are having a little issue getting our eyes adjusted.  In one or two places he lost confidence.  He just needs time, I think.  When the closing date came along on Tuesday, I entered BN.  Why push it?  The last time I was at Snowfields, the stadium was brutally tough even for Blue.  Plus, my mom will come, and she hates it when the EMTs have to scrape me off something.

The next day, I was a groundperson for Vicki while she schooled Torrey at Scarlet Hill.  She’s moving up to P at Stoneleigh and wanted to get one more school in through water.  They were fantastic.  And the best part was how happy and confident they both looked when they were done!

Gallop on!

 Then Wednesday the pony and I went back to compete in their Derby.  Starting to get the picture?  I got to spend all week hanging out on a great xc course :P 

Now, the pony and I have done several derbies there.  At the first one last summer we competed Elem and posted the faster-than-the-speed-of-light time of 175 mpm or something.  I believe we actually walked on some of the hills.  It’s a hilly place.  This time I was planning to run the BN and then the N, both as official rounds.  I walked most of the N on Tuesday and I thought it looked very inviting.

Weds dawned hot, heavy, humid.  The kind of air it’s hard to breathe in.  The pony was a really good boy on the BN – little sticky at first but once we got going, a blast.  Still a little worried about banks down.  I hope this doesn’t continue to linger.

I was torn on tackling the Novice.  In the end I decided I should let him be a rock star for the day.  I thought there were a couple of things on course that might give him pause, he’d been wonderful, and I didn’t want him to leave having been shown what he can’t do, or isn’t confident doing yet.  So rock star it was.  When the results went up we found we’d posted a speed of 367 mpm on a 350 mpm course and I was thrilled!  He’s getting a lock on this gallop thing.  In fact, it looks like the pony posted the second fastest BN time of the day.  That is a little bit funny, even. 

I need a table program on this machine.  Till then, excuse the formatting hell!

Beginner Novice – Ideal Speed: 350


Rider                             Time         Place         MPM


Kami Wolk                  3:32           1                 364

Gail Kirkman             3:50           2                 335

Shannon Molloy      3:30           3                 367

Amanda Krickhan  3:53            4                  331

Penny Lowman        3:57           5                  326

Alizia McKerzi          4:03           6                  318

Katherine Gieseke   3:18                                390

Sarah Morton/EI    4:09                                310

Kerry Parker            4:12                                  306

Jean Armstrong     4:13                                  305

Molly Zastrow         4:13                                 305

Thera Slater             4:15                                  303

Crystal Huff             4:31                                   285

Fernanda Pett        4:42                                   274

Katie Amato           4:53                                   263

Caroline Teich        5:00                                  257

Elizabeth Miller     5:10                                   249

Vicky Roussel         5:19                                   242

Sarah Morton/JS   5:25                                  237

Brianna Kablack     6:10                                  209

Mckenna Tremblay 6:17                                205

Jackie Sebastian    6:56                                   185

Annie Ciampaglia  8:01                                  160



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  2. It is very obvious that I have not checked your blog for a while !!!! I therefore do not know who Tory is or comes in to the picture. as for Blue being a good teacher, well, could be that his owner has the same qualifications. Hope to see you in Maine and good luck.

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