Posted by: shannonc | June 28, 2010

Professional pix – GMHA and GHF

Joan from Flatlandsfoto got some cute ones of the pony.  I have purchased these digital images – they are used with permission.

GMHA BN fence 5 - caused some problems - pony was wiggly, but went!

GHF Summer Classic - log cabin toward the end of the course. A little ahead of him here - I felt that happen once or twice as we went around, especially late in the course when the heat and his stickiness were really sinking in. He's jumping beautifully though and could not be pushing off any more evenly from behind!

GHF log cabin, shot 2. This is an adorable fence btw. Like jumping a perfect dollhouse!

This was some kind of table with brush sticking up out of it, after the log cabin. Definitely looky. Right turn afterward to the last fence.

GHF - at the finish. I love his face!

There are some others – budget didn’t allow to purchase them all now, but maybe we’ll be able to at the end of the season if we have some extra cash!



  1. Love ’em all. You chose wisely. :)

  2. Wonderful pix!

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