Posted by: shannonc | May 4, 2010

UNH video stills

I just got some new software I can do this with, so I was playing around with the video taken of the pony through the water.  Just for fun.

I’m having the vet out to look at the pony…the more I think about it the more I am worried something is making him uncomfortable.  It just doesn’t add up that after a year of building his trust and confidence, he would feel so awkward and stuck to the ground.  I know he’s still green, and still building strength – there’s more than one thing going on – but I think we need to rule out or treat possible physical issues before we do any more jumping.

I took a detailed look at the xc results and found a little silver lining to our day.  We were the only ones to have stops at fences 3 and 7.  There were other stops at fence 1, and stops at 9 (ditch), 10 (log slide), and 11 (water), where we didn’t have problems.  We finished with 16.4 time penalties, which means we were a little under a minute over OT.  We did lots of trotting from before #9 all the way through #11, and again on the downhill and sharp turn to #14.  Not to mention the time that 3 separate stops take (especially in my hands…lol).  Even though the speed was 325, some did have time penalties without any stops.

That means we did some good galloping in places.  Which tells me that when he’s ready to move up to N, we should be able to make the time without a problem!  Go pony!



  1. He is just so cute. Look at that trot!

    I hear you on the pain question. It does sound like he’s doing something that’s a little more than greenness or pony naughtiness.

    I have to say I go back and forth about that sort of thing all the time. If McKinna’s slightly grumpy (or even if she’s not!) I’m always wondering about saddle fit and whether she’s comfortable.

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