Posted by: shannonc | February 10, 2010

The new Rodney Powell

I have an off the shelf, generic black Casel-Equi vest for xc.  It doesn’t fit particularly well, and it’s weathered several hard falls (the one where Blue dumped me into the telephone pole trakhener at King Oak comes to mind).  I promised myself that if I ever made it to Prelim with him, the OTTB I started pretty much from scratch off the track, I’d reward myself with a new vest.  But I never got around to it until now.

It was worth the wait!  I picked a Rodney Powell vest and bought it from VTO Saddlery.  It’s completely custom, yet arrived in 3 weeks!

Now my biggest worry is getting it dirty.  Er, it’s going to get dirty, my worry is getting it clean again!

Here it is – Blue’s colors are violet and black, and the pony’s are lavender and chocolate.  The vest is a compromise, a chevron pattern with lavender on top and violet on the bottom.  Most of the lavender will be covered by a pinney, but I can live with that…it’s all about the purple family.  I don’t think the pony will mind!

Rodney Powell vest front


Rodney Powell vest back


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