Posted by: shannonc | February 8, 2010

Take your pony to work day

Seriously, though.  Wouldn’t that be so cool?

The pony headed to his first real ride of 2010 this past Saturday (with four trial saddles).  He came off the trailer a little snorty, but not doing anything besides being snorty.  I got him into the smallish indoor where there were 2 other horses working – one who was very explosive, and one who needed much application of the whip to go forward. 

Last year, I think you would have been peeling me off the rafters in this environment.  This year, I barely recognized my pony.  It was like he was all grown up!  He didn’t spook or otherwise react to the naughty horses – he was very workmanlike and focused, and eager to please.  He felt very much like he was picking up where he left off in mid-December.  It made me so happy!

True, he got a little ears-in-my-nose at the first canter, but I didn’t really blame him – it was pretty exciting, after lounging in ice and snow day in and day out for umpty million days.  He was excited, but he settled like a good boy.

Joy was very sweet to him, complimenting him on his attitude and also – YAY! – on his apparent status.  Watching him trot around trying to do his very best, she exclaimed, “he’s going to score very well this year!”  Gosh, that would be nice.  I really want to do well by the pony!  He’s not easy yet, but he can be so lovely.

Saddles totally struck out.  I adored the Hennig more than anything I have ever sat in, but it did not fit the pony.  The rear panels that pooch out sat too far back on him.  Drawing board.  Ew.



  1. hello,

    i like your blog!

    the pictures you took of your horse’s back trying on saddles reminded me of a saddle fitter’s blog i read:

    ok, happy blogging!


  2. thank you! I like that blog too. I’m actually hoping Trumbull might be able to help me find a saddle!

  3. I just read your articles in the Chronicle of the Horse. I love your writing style – very honest, descriptive and fun. Also, I just bought a saddle from Trumbull Mt. I have a very hard to fit, short-backed but very wide tiny warmblood. They were so helpful and thorough. My new saddle fits her like a glove and she’s never been so sound. I highly recommend them!

  4. Thank you for the compliment and the info! What did you end up getting? I need to do tracings for them, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. It looks a little too easy for me to mess up!

  5. I did it all with a wither tracing and it was easy. I got an XXW (I couldn’t believe it but she’s actually an XXW and all that time I was riding the poor thing in a regular or wide tree) Black Country Eloquence X. I had never heard of the brand or knew anything about the saddle. I love it. It needs no break in time and she moves great in it. They also do the first re-flocking free. I needed it just a tad higher in front so they reflocked it firmly in front and now it fits perfectly.

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