Posted by: shannonc | February 3, 2010

Oh the trauma

You have more used saddles for me to try on? Did you bring the 3-way mirror this time??

Pony:  Oh no.  That looks like a saddle in your arms. 

Me:  It is! 

Pony:  Aw, Mom…

Me:  Oddly, you don’t seem to get it that this is all for your sake.

Pony:  *tosses head*  IT’S VERY HARD BEING A PONY!  Why must you torture me so.

Me:  Stand still, pony.  This is going to be a little cold…

Hennig side


It has a nice short flap (15″) and seemed pretty balanced front to back.  Feeling underneath I thought there was some bridging, but it was hard to tell because the flocking is super soft from tree to end of flap – then it is hard as a rock.  Cement hard, the kind you attach to really naughty ponies before you throw them in the river hard.

This Hennig is a custom saddle and the texture you see in the photo is actually suede on the seat and exposed block.  Nevermind that I have no idea how I would properly care for suede that gets the kind of workout a saddle gets.  The underflap is only a partial.  Everything seems very scaled down – nice for a pony.

When I put the girth on, the rear panel stood right up from his back.  There seems to be more than one school of thought on this – the one that says it will rock and that’s bad, and the one that says he’ll lift his back into that space, so you don’t want to fill it all.  The gullet was still clear, but I had the feeling the tree was sitting right on either side of his spine in the lightly flocked areas with only a thin layer of leather between wood and pony.

Hennig back

Pony:  No – really?  Walking in the field again?  *Huffs*  You can’t be serious?

Me:  Yes, pony.  Be good.

When I got the saddle out of the box, I thought it was going to be super wide the way the Schleese was, but it actually doesn’t seem so bad.

Hennig tree

As it turns out, this saddle is very comfortable to sit in.  I loved the feel I had under my leg.  I was cozied right up to the block, I don’t think awkwardly so, and my stirrups were probably as short as they ever would be.  It will be interesting to see what a fitter thinks of this one.

The pony didn’t react one way or the other, but if I’m not mistaken his mind was much more on being done in the dressing room than on imagining himself as Grand Prix dressage pony.

Me:  *dismounting and patting*  Good pony.

Pony:  Back into the barn now?

Me:  Yup.

Pony:  Stand away from the treats!  They are rightfully mine after tolerating this insanity!

Another day, another saddle, same silly pony.  Clinic on Saturday!


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