Posted by: shannonc | February 3, 2010


So, I sat in the two saddles from Pelham on Sunday – the Link I thought was probably too wide and the twist was not very comfortable (even though, weirdly, it was comfortable on the store horse).  The Pilatus I liked and it seemed to fit, but I was definitely conscious of squeezing flap with my calf.
Then yesterday I sat again in the Pilatus and then in the Equation.  Even though I still liked the Pilatus, once I swung my leg over the Equation I realized there was no comparison.  Calling the Pilatus comparable was like saying December in Florida is winter.  SO much more comfortable and I felt like I was in it and not perched on it.  I still worry that it’s not a great fit, though.
That was really interesting for me – the surprise of it, that something felt so different.  Up until now everything has basically felt “okay.”
The Hennig is supposed to arrive today.  If I’m lucky it’ll get here in time for me to take it on a trip to the indoor.  I think the pony has had it with riding around in the crispy-iced deep snow.
The Equation on the pony:

Equation side

It seems to sit a little cantle low with the balance point farther back than it should be.

Equation back

Contact seems good.

Equation tree

Sorry about the glare.  Are those tree points going to dig right into his back?

Equation balance

The shape seems to follow him, but I’m not sure what happens when he actually raises his back.

Equation - flap

The flap on this is just 15 and a quarter from the bottom of the stirrup bar.  When I look at this photo it’s hard for me to imagine riding him in anything longer.

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