Posted by: shannonc | January 20, 2010

Poll time



  1. I voted ‘I live in the land of no winter.’

    Which isn’t entirely true. We had a couple weeks of really unpleasantly cold weather, and I didn’t ride much those weeks.

    But for most of the winter, it’s just cold and rainy, so I bundle up and deal with it. Especially with my tall insulated boots! :-) I am SO glad I got those this winter.

  2. And I’ll go to Aiken for 7-10 days at the end of March to join her. I’m seriously considering renting something down there for next season, maybe for a month. That’s what I’m THINKING of anyway, we’ll see what really happens.

  3. ^^ I voted “Other” and wrote: “Horse is in Aiken. I ride a schoolie once/week”.

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