Posted by: shannonc | January 18, 2010


Okay, if you thought that was really bad…I plead inclement weather insanity.  I think I may lose my mind if I have to heave one more shovelful of snow, change one more wet blanket, or lug one more giant plug-in bucket from paddock to paddock.  Why did I ever leave Virginia, again? 

Further evidence of my overwrought mental state:

  1. Last night I broke a knife.  Snapped it two inches from the point trying to pry frozen pieces of bread apart (*I don’t hear you!*).  Apparently, the knife was some kind of hardened steel-something or other, meaning, according to my Iron Chefish husband, that it’s near-impossible to break.  An overdose of winter has awakened my freaky, superhuman strength.  Not to mention my desire to eat comfort food all the time.
  2. Recently, I sat here silently preening my feathers over being able to ID all the various event sites in a slideshow (more on slideshow in a sec) … till I realized that, boldly emblazoned on the pinneys … yeah.  The event names.
  3. Just this morning I congratulated myself on remembering to unplug my headphones from the computer so that I had regular speaker sound, instead of half-wondering from time to time (like all day yesterday) why all my browsing sites were so coincidentally quiet.  Then I noticed it was actually the power I unplugged.  This eureka moment didn’t come five minutes later, either.

Under the circumstances, posting pictures might be safer than trying to string words together coherently.  So here you go – but I will remind you of this good luck in June or so, when I’m back to my usual “why use one word when 10 will do” posts :)

Today I have pix in links, pix in Blue, pix embedded and pix in glue!  What a treat that rhyme was.  Go ahead…just admit it…

First:  best buy alert!

If you are an eventer, a horse and/or a photography lover – if you haven’t seen it already, check out Joan Davis’ calendar.  She took some of her 2009 pix, put together a beautiful 2010 calendar, and is offering part of the proceeds to Area I Adult Riders.  My favorite pic is of the jump judge…followed closely by the little boy grinning by his pony.  If the photos are small for you on the first link, check out this slideshow version.  We are all hoping she makes one every year.  Consider snagging one or two for yourself and help make it a success!

I think I mentioned already that one of my winter projects is to make a scrapbook of the pony’s season.  I’m having a lot of fun with it and naturally, learning all my lessons the hard way (pony scrapbooking tips may follow under separate cover), but my pages are slowly improving.  Here’s one of my favorites so far:

My picture-taking skills could get better.  Hopefully you get the idea.  Let me tell you, if you like shopping, scrapbooking is for you.  It’s its own little cottage industry.

Finally, as a birthday gift to me this weekend, my husband took some candids at the barn.  I am not a sweaty mess for a change – that was kind of fun – but I’m cheering for summer anyway!  Enjoy.

Blue, modeling the roll-in-poop look (very big this year)


and wondering what craziness I'm up to


Even grumpy TBs will pose for food


The pony was not going to miss out on his share of treats!


Maybe the guy behind the camera also has treats?


Spring - thisaway!

And yes – I’ve already been thoroughly reprimanded for my lack of a helmet!

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