Posted by: shannonc | January 1, 2010


 Cheers to 2010!  Here’s to it being a happy, healthy and lucky one for us all.

Traditionally, a requisite part of passing the infinite winter here is mapping out a full season’s worth of goals and competitions.  This is, however, a topic of contention among some.  My friend Vicki was kicked just a few weeks ago, spent time in the trauma unit with several broken ribs and a bruised lung (she will recover fully), and subsequently declared it bad luck to announce a detailed plan – even as she hastened to reassure us that we can expect her to be back in the saddle kicking some more butt as soon as she is healed.  This was followed by a postscript acknowledging that we event people are certifiable gluttons for punishment…a debate for another post entirely!

I do see her point about the wisdom of tempting fate.  On the balance, though, I think not dreaming of the upcoming season would probably result, for me, in at least a partial loss of sanity during the annual ice age.  So you’re likely to see it here in an upcoming post anyway.  I’m not quite ready for that though, so today’s post is for resolutions.

I don’t always make resolutions, so when I decided to this year, I tried to take care that they be achievable.  We’ll see.  Instinctively I believe winter is for hibernating and comfort food.  Aside from venturing into the cold to take care of the horses, I don’t often accomplish much – or expect to.  So here goes, modestly I hope!  In 2010 I resolve to…

  1. Bring in all my tack from its various and sundry locations outside – mainly, scattered around the barn and in the trailer tack room – clean and condition leather up fully, sneak bits into the dishwasher when no one is looking (this works really well – the cleaning part that is – the sneaking part is less predictably successful), and hang everything downstairs in the basement where it can stay cool and dry until needed again.  I failed to do this last year, and ended up battling to resuscitate some of my nice things later.  Corollary to resolution 1:  also oil and affix nameplate to Kisses’ new halter.  Santa brought him a gorgeous, large pony-sized dark brown show halter with dark brown padding and his first official engraved nameplate that says Kiss This!  Very exciting! 
  2. Complete (er…create) the pony’s season one scrapbook.  This would be easier if I had a clue in the world about how to scrapbook, or if I didn’t have a track record of utter failure…all the mementos from Blue’s 2004 season are still in a fabric bag left over from some Molecular road show.  Which one of my cats peed on several years ago.  I’m not sure whether that should be the Corollary to resolution 2, or whether I should dump the smelly bag into a box, label it and be done with the project.  Anyone know any good antidotes to cat pee smell?  I have this mistletoe room spray handy atm…
  3. Fix the trailer….


And the good news:  I would have added new tires for the truck to the resolution list, but Rumbles got some yesterday!  A New Year’s Eve gift from the DH.  This purchase has been put off for more than a year – in mud, in snow, in ice I have dreaded driving it – raised to some exponential power with horses attached.  I’m so relieved to have new treads!

Sticky, good-luck-in-2010 tires!

I have a couple of other, more personal, resolutions and hopes…I will absolutely share them if they’re achieved…wish me luck on those if you will!



  1. Good luck with all. Sooooo nice to see new tires (and high-end too) on the truck!

  2. Best of luck with everything!!! Most happy to see new tires to keep all my loved ones safe and sound; thanks DH. Another exciting year to look forward to :-)

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