Posted by: shannonc | December 26, 2009

The Dead Zone

Dec 11 marked my last ride of the year.  We’re now well into snow and ice season here in long-wintered New England, and the ponies and I are on vacation.  It’s too expensive and stressful to plan on hauling out to an indoor frequently enough to keep both of them in shape, and I believe that a break is good for them (I believe it less for Blue, who is a colossal grump in the winter, or anytime he has no job to do).  I know it’s good for me.  So Blue’s back shoes are pulled, I’m wishing and hoping for more snow than ice this year so they can keep moving around, and the ponies come in at night now to keep frozen cleaning that I can’t do under slightly better control.

I’m debating going to Aiken for a short time as winter is supposed to be ending.  That would probably just be with the pony to get a jump on the season, but I’m reluctant to make a final decision until the winter unfolds more…it wouldn’t make much sense to go completely out of shape, or return and not be able to ride.  So the timing is tough.

I already know what my New Year’s resolution will be, but I’ll keep it under wraps for now.  There’s still a week before I have to commit!

Our first snow was Dec 6 this year and as always, the first one is beautiful.  It’s the snow you get four months later you don’t appreciate so much.

Some pix: 

There is a hidden equine in this one!

Not so hidden equine!

Neither rain nor snow nor sleet keeps the pony from being hungry. He's a very reliable sort that way!

Stephen's Japanese maple's first winter





  1. Great snow pictures. Reminds me of my luckiness of having an indoor where I board. Having the winter off does have it’s advantages though. Can’t wait to hear what resolutions you’ve committed to.

  2. Beautiful pix! I particularly like equine playing hide and seek :-)

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