Posted by: shannonc | November 3, 2009

One small step

One small step that may, ultimately, not mean anything much, but which, for today, is nothing less than landmark in its significance.

My sweet Blue, with whom I teamed all the way through the levels to P, who will very reliably put in a cranky dressage test, not touch a rail in show jumping at 3’7″, and gallop around cross country boldly to any solid fence, but whose dislike of ditches escalated to an epic disaster of P events finished with letters and not numbers (and often with EMT consultations)…jumped a ditch again today.  After almost five years of my carefully ensuring he didn’t have to contend with one.  Not to mention my hyperplanned, overanalytical approach to the potential “comeback” ;)

Actually, he jumped three ditches.  A half ditch, a medium ditch, and a wide ditch.  With no fanfare.  No sidesteps.  No reverse gear.  A little sniff and hesitation as we popped it on him while strolling around a cross country course on the buckle, and then he hopped on over.  No jump judge in the world would have penalized him.

Grass reward, pats, more walking, some trotting, and no way no how was I ready to point him at the big one, but he was so low key I thought I’d be crazy not to try.  Approach, hop.  Pat, walk, put away.

It’s a long way from here to where I might wish to go.  But the journey still starts with a single step.





  2. Woot woot!

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