Posted by: shannonc | October 17, 2009

The Hokey Pokey

I love my horse.  He is, if nothing else, completely consistent in his Buckpasser-line-confident, I-know-what’s-best quirkiness.  And even though he is generally a cuddle-hating grump, he makes up for it with his ability to be supremely laugh out loud entertaining at times – typically under saddle.  On Thursday, his first time off the property in a few months, he absolutely ran onto the trailer (not kidding here), got all excited at his destination, then settled right in to read primarily from the Standard Book of Evasions, Hokey Pokey chapter:

– I can stick my right leg in, stick my right leg out…stick both right legs in, and shake them all about!  And I can add the left hind in…and that’s what it’s all about!

Blue’s commentary on my efforts to influence him:  (delivered in his signature near-haughty utter conviction):  here is how I travel.  When cantering, I like to be sprawled and diving.  And shhhhhh, because I have my mother totally convinced that there might be something physically bothering me, I have the upper hand.  So let’s keep that to ourselves, shall we?

Instructor responds to Blue’s lovely canter departures followed in a few strides by his insistent break to uber-huge trot by wandering off and muttering something about finding a big whip.

OH MY.  Here we go…

Blue:  I’ll see you that whip, and raise you a whole circle of haunches-in so that I can still avoid sitting properly on my hocks.

Me:  *tap, tap tap*

Blue:  *grabs the bit and dives, pulling me out of the saddle*

Instructor:  ride him outside leg to inside rein!

Me:  *tap, tap* *lifts off inside leg* *counterbends*

Blue:  grrrrrr!!!! BREAK

Instructor:  My, he is interesting.  Want to let me go a few rounds?

Me:  absolutely!

Blue:  *pins ears*

Instructor:  I can see why you thought this was something physical.

Blue:  *I got her, I got her!* *Performs contortions*

Instructor:  *whack, whack, kick*  You’re fine, you’re fine.

Blue:  I’m not freaking fine!  You people are totally finding me out!  *Throws haunches* *Throws shoulders* *Throws head*

Instructor:  we can totally fix this.


And sure enough, I rode him today, and he only came back to trot when I asked.  Hope springs eternal!



  1. :D I’m hearing echoes from ICP…

  2. Haha. I love it when instructor sticks it to them ;)

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