Posted by: shannonc | October 13, 2009

The Blueberry files

Open Preliminary sj, Groton House Farm

Open Preliminary sj, Groton House Farm

Subbing for the pony this week is the wonderful Blue – my 15.1h, 15yo grey OTTB. 

Mission:  get him going again.  Maybe even get him to tolerate ditches.

He’s been going under saddle at a light/medium work level and looking good on the longe, where he mysteriously does not carry himself so low in front.  Time to take him out for some adventures and see what we can figure out. 

The horse is absolutely miserable without work.  And impossible to live with.  Exactly like his mom. 

As for the pony, he’s still working up that letter to Santa.  He’s picked colors for himself:  lilac and chocolate (or is it lavender?  What is the difference between those two colors, anyway?).  Look out, it’s the What Not To Wear pony, currently filming his pilot…

Pony is going to hopefully get to go to a clinic or two this fall, but my focus starting this week is the Blueberry.  And so far he seems to like that!  Stay tuned, and keep your fingers crossed that this works out well.  It’s been a long road!



  1. Thinking of you and Blue…Baby it’s cold out there!

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