Posted by: shannonc | September 17, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I notice all of a sudden there is a LOT of talk about what a good pony I am.  So naturally, I thought of you.  I have been very nice and only the teeniest bit naughty!  Is September too early for me to make a wish list for Christmas?

Here are some things that would make me really happy:

  • treats
  • my very own leather halter
  • real sheepskin halter covers, to keep my face clean after I get a bath (ewwwww!)
  • an antisweat that fits me!  I always have to wear Blue’s hand-me-downs, and they’re too big in the chest.
  • treats!
  • maybe some boots?  I was looking at those ankle ones for my hind feets.
  • treats!  There is no such thing as too many treats!!

Also, I was wondering if you could have a little chat with my mom.  No offense, but I have a problem with that vest she wears on xc.  So first of all, I don’t really get why she needs a vest, because **I’m a very good boy!** but she says it’s the rule and ponies don’t get to change the rules.  Okay, next, it’s old.  Like one year younger than the Higher Power.  And that makes it skanky.  Third:  why is it black?  My mom is not a Goth, but enough is enough on all the black stuff.  I get that it’s easy to match, but I’m a very colorful pony!  So how about some color?  Maybe a saddlepad too…now that I’m not quite so scared of them…

Can you think of anything else that good ponies need?  I think I get to go out to more competitions next year and I want to be sharp!

I PROMISE if you bring a lot of treats I’ll share some of them.  So don’t feel that you have to hold back!



PS.  If you could find some other good ponies who need homes a nice place to live and people who love them, that would be really good.  I wanted to bring some more of my friends here but Mom says we only have two stalls and she wants to stay married.  Whatever that means. 




  1. You have become *such* a good boy! I look at that fancy video of you on xc at KO and all I can think of is how far you’ve come since you popped that uphill log/brush jump at Pipstave and then bucked another little redhead off. You and your mom make a great team. I’m very proud of you both!!

  2. Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa’s listening :-)

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