Posted by: shannonc | September 8, 2009

Master of the obvious

I'm trying!

I'm trying!

I’ve been at the point of slitting my throat over the pony’s flatwork.  I
don’t know whether I am under-riding, over-riding, just plain wrong riding,
or expecting too much.  By Saturday night after my ride I was at the
point of tears – I was frustrated, he was confused – I felt
terrible because I knew he was trying, and I couldn’t seem to get it right.
So I gave him Sunday off before I lost my mind.  I know I’m nervous about
the event, but I needed to take a step way back!

I’ve been having an impossible time getting into position in the Amerigo –
can’t seem to get down in my thigh, can’t keep my lower leg back, tipping
forward when I try, and it’s worse when I lengthen my stirrups.  So I had
the brilliant (obvious) idea to stop fighting the f*ing thing.  I let my
knees come off and my feet come forward.  Surprise, I can now use my leg
without turning it into a pretzel and getting crooked in my seat.  I had the
best flat ride I have ever had on him.  It seemed like the area in front of
the saddle grew upward about 3 inches.

I don’t think it was the day off.  The only other thing I changed was using
a Polypad instead of a thin pad under the Mattes.  I have no idea whether
it’s repeatable yet or was just a fluke.  All I know is that after 20
minutes, trot work with him carrying himself, and two canter transitions in
which he didn’t fling his head (he still came above the bit, but he was
prompt and relaxed), I got the hell off and fed him about 100 carrots.

Here’s hoping :)



  1. I’ll join the hoping! So many variables! Remember, this is supposed to be fun! :)

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