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Day in the life

Event report:  Apple Knoll Farm Starter HT, Elementary (2′) – August 2, 2009

Trying to figure out how to get the blocks and buckles out from under my legs

Trying to find a way to get the blocks and buckles out from under my legs

Kisses, upon being turned out to graze with Blue after Sunday’s event:  hey!  I’m back!

Blue:  about time.  How was it?

Kisses (through a mouthful of grass):  I’m a star!

Blue (rolling eyes):  mmmhm.  So, dressage in the 20s?

Kisses:  pffft!  Dressage.  We got a 43.2.  Mom said the judge used to have a reputation for being extra nice, but…today, not so much!

Blue:  what the heck did you do in there?

Kisses:  well, it’s sort of hard to trot the way I’m supposed to.  I get balanced with a small step, and then when the pilot lady adds leg, I either get hollow or dive down.  But Mom was happy because she said she didn’t want me to get stuck behind the vertical like at GMHA, and I didn’t do that.  I sort of get it!

Blue:  you need a new saddle.  How was the left canter?

Kisses:  tell me about it.  I hear saddle stuff is in the works.  Uhmm, the left canter.  Well the depart wasn’t very good.  Mom said it wasn’t all my fault, she didn’t prepare me that well.  But once I got into it, I felt rather fancy.  And Mom said I gave my best in all the work to the right!  She was a little disappointed the nice movements didn’t get rewarded more.  But she says the criticisms were valid and sometimes that’s how it goes.

Blue:  don’t tell me you LIKED the dressage. 

Kisses:  for shame, of course not!  It was kind of funny though, the ring was running really late and Mom rode me all over the place, even to the xc start box, while we were waiting, because she was trying to help Tory and Alyssa too!  I was GOOD!  Not spooky at all, even at those noisy guinea fowl! 

Blue:  you’re getting to be a show veteran.  What about the jumping??

Kisses:  stadium was fancy decorated jumps and a little turny.  I cantered all the fences and didn’t get any horrid distances!  I hit one rail, because the Mom pilot brought me in a little flat.  But it didn’t fall down and I didn’t peek at anything!  I think I like the new bit.  She doesn’t pull on it as much.  There’s still room for improvement though, Mom, if you’re listening…

Blue:  that’s good.  You have a sensitive little pink mouth, you know, even if you do blow her off sometimes.

Kisses:  cross country was mostly small logs.  It started with something that looked like a trot pole, so I just trotted over it.  I was a little sleepy after two days of hard work, but I was nice and willing to everything.  The jump judges don’t look as weird as they used to.  (Yawning):  it’s a good thing I get to eat now!  I need my strength!

Fence 3 - the only non-log on our course :)

Fence 3 - the only non-log on our course :)

all done

All done!

Blue:  this Elementary was only two feet, right?  Were there any ditches?  Water?  Banks?

Kisses:  no.  I sort of saw some around, but we didn’t jump them.

Blue:  well, let me tell you about ditches…

Kisses:  Mom said not to listen to anything you say about ditches.  (Sticks hooves in ears)  Lalalalala!


Postscript from Mom:  ;)

The pony was indeed a good boy!  We sat 11th after D.  There were a few scores way out in front, then a cluster of scores very close together in the 40s, then a couple of scores from people who just had a bad day.  With our double clear we moved up to finish in 7th, which was the middle of the pack – 4.3 penalties out of 4th, so scores after the first 3 were tight.  Riding in a different saddle did help, but I had trouble with my calves sitting on the honking rear blocks in D – the blocks were so big that the billet guard wouldn’t slide down over the girth buckle, so that was uncomfortable as well.  I need to sign up for serious flatwork and find something to ride in that’s not a no-purpose saddle.  Likewise, the bit also helped, but I still need to use it better.

I have five weeks to work hard and improve – because yesterday I took the big plunge and put that envelope in the mailbox.  The one containing our BN debut entry at King Oak Farm!

Thank you to Stephen and Dave for the video and photos!



  1. Yay! :)

  2. Dialogue between the two ponies was very entertaining! Congrats to Kisses and Shannon!

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