Posted by: shannonc | June 24, 2009

The Name Game

Can we, do we dare? 

The pony was, without doubt, named by a child.  Caramel Kisses.  It fits his coloring for sure, which is lighter and more roaned than that bay-brown type paint.  So I like the idea.  And I love caramel.  I never met an iced skinny caramel latte I didn’t like.  And the pony is kind of…caffeinated, so that works.  But taken all together, the name is just a little too sweet for me.  And, probably, for him ;)

Now, if I rename him, we all know what it’ll lead to.  Stuff with his name on it.  And that means he’s moving in for real. 

I’ve been resisting the tidal wave-strength urge to order the pony a nice leather halter.  It’s only the lack of a nameplate that’s holding me back.

So, you know.  Sort of like the saddle fitting appointment next week, where I might ride the pony in a nice new County or two – just for comparison purposes, mind you – maybe I should just explore a few potential new show names.  All strictly hypothetical, of course.

I put a thread up on COTH forums because there are a bunch of people there much better at naming than I am.  Some good ideas so far (the funniest being Al Capony.  Yes!  Gangster, bootlegger, income tax evader.  Very ponylike!  But a USEA search turned up another one).  It would be nice to keep some of the spirit of his current name, too.  Here are some of the suggestions:

Al Capony – taken

Kiss and Tell – my current favorite.  Also taken, but it looks like not by a horse currently in competition.

Pogue – Gaelic for kiss.  I like it but think it connotes more musical references than kissing ones.

A Kiss Before Flying – the film reference is almost literary, which appeals.  Also reminds me of Kiss the Sky, in a good way.  And he does fly!

Ponet – (for Monet) – clever! and fits his coloring, but I’d have to add something to it so it’d be pronounced right.  “Ponett” just wouldn’t do it.

Boomerang – cute, but doesn’t resonate.

Tre Baci – three kisses in Italian I’m told.  I do like this one.  Three phases, three kisses.

Quello Piccolo – the small one.  I also like this.  But we may be moving into a realm more sophisticated than Pony.


I hope more suggestions come in before the thread dies.  I love the help!  There must be some caffeine-ish names out there I’m not thinking of…Kiss with a Jolt.  LOL! 

A couple of my favorite pix of the pony in case anyone is inspired…

xmas kisses

easter ponies2

kisses d

is there a pony



  1. It’s obviously not right, but Kiss of Death leapt into my head as soon as I saw the “maybe I’ll buy a nice leather halter”. :)

    I think right now my favorite is Tre Baci. …of course, his initials would be… :D

  2. You know my thoughts on changing names….don’t you? Sorta like you’re superstitous, I just don’t think it is right to change a name!!!!!! Show name only or not, it just doesn’t vibe with me. It’s the way I ended up with a cat named Garian (we called him WOoobeeee), a horse name Johara (Jojo) and a pony named…..wait for it…..BUCK (OH HOW INVENTIVE!!!!)….hehe. I just could never ever change a name.

    But if you MUST, I like Pony Dot Com….hehehehe

  3. I’m still thinking…not good at this…Hugs and Kisses? A Mommy name :-)

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