Posted by: shannonc | April 20, 2009

Other days!

Event report –

Pony sez, at least getting clean is followed by breakfast.

Pony sez, at least getting clean is followed by breakfast.

The pony was a good boy for our inaugural 2 phase. Well, actually. First he got a bath at oh-dark-thirty and dried looking like a Portugese water dog – not so good, but not entirely his fault. Then he got loose, fully tacked (just try to tell me horses don’t talk about these things – BLUE!). When I got on he pranced to the warmup like his butt was on fire. He grew to at least 15 hands – I mean HUGE! :P I thought I was in big trouble. For a minute I thought I forgot Kisses and brought Pip to the show. But, no (looking down), clean-ish white splotches. Phew! He might have thought he was going cross country schooling since we had to walk right through the galloping lane on our way to dressage. You have to love the Groton fairgrounds, they get a lot in a small space!

I was expecting Sir Zoomalot but he actually warmed up very reasonably! We did not run down even one small child on a pony – and there were some adorable ones btw – the pickings were much better than at AKF. I didn’t do a whole lot because, you know, the test is LONG. At least 30 seconds each of walking and trotting. I didn’t want to wear him (me) out. :) Naturally, because I wanted God to test me, my ring bordered the cross country. When they let us in we faced thataway and marched right up to the judges’ booth. I remember that after we got by it I made myself take a deep breath. I get entirely too excited about things. I think I was almost choked up!

It rode well from there. He really seemed to be paying attention to me and even remembered that he recently allowed the trial version of Half-Halt 1.0 to be installed. I know there’s malware in that little pony hard drive but I’m riding around and Trot Rhythm 1.0 auto-launches too. Oh good, there’s Spook 2.0 (downgraded from Spook Pro), I recognize that one at least. Wait till you see it in the video, it’s really cute. Okay, well. You know, cute when you’re at a 2-phase doing a walk-trot test and your pony is actually trying very hard to stay glued. MOMM! Someone shook the chain over there – did you SEE THAT?? I think I laughed out loud in the test and then wondered if I was going to get eliminated for making noise. It also makes me laugh all over again when we come back to K from the other direction just before turning up CL and he scoots. Because, you know, **that chain is not stable.** MOM! You must have forgotten or we wouldn’t be back here again! *Sigh**Moms never pay enough attention to the important things*

When we finish I pat the pony furiously, telling him what an amazing steed of gold he is (as he definitely contemplates the grass he passed up in the free walk), then thank the judge at C and the judge says something like, “you’re very welcome” and I thought it was kind of weird in a friendly sort of way, but I’m not really that into friendly, so you never know, maybe it was normal. You cannot imagine my fear and horror upon finding that she gave us a 22.5. Seeing as how my D scores are meant to be multiples of that number. Like, maybe they meant 22.5 factorial. I pick up the test and see that they too needed to run the math twice to believe…but it’s right. The next closest score is a 33.5 and the remainder are in the 40s. The judge is nuts. I say a little prayer of thanks for that, and also for the trot circles and all the collectives having coefficients, and then I promptly and wholeheartedly begin to panic. The pony is not going to jump. I’m going to forget the course or fall off in stadium and be eliminated. I’m doomed to somehow waste the best D score that’ll ever happen to me!!

What's next?

What's next?

Pony thinks I’m nuts but he is totally OK with all the apples I’m stuffing into his face by way of bribery and tells me to calm down already, he has the crossrails thing completely under control. Okay Mom, I’ll just make a bid at #1 to check that you’re on your toes, and maybe toss a deer hop at #4, but then I’ll settle down and show you how it’s done here at World of Pony. Don’t get any ideas about moving me up. :)

I think the pony earned a real rubber bit, and man, do I need pony reins.

I love that when people came up to me saying “your pony is cute!” I answered “thank you,” and not, “thank you, he’s for sale, would you like to take him home?” It’s true, I love the pony. Even when he’s a bit of a stinker. More today, but those days too. *Evil grin*

My day was extra lucky because the husband came to cheer!  He totally kicked ass with the taping and took pix too!

Don’t squint Hilary and you won’t see the Futis.






  1. :)

  2. YAY!!!!!!!! WTG KISSES….:*

  3. GO Kisses! He IS cute, and cute and fun is a combination that can’t be beat. :)
    I TRUST that his calendar includes HPF schooling on 5/30! We can take on the BN. :)

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