Posted by: shannonc | April 2, 2009

Are we there yet?

The scene:  chilly and overcast.  3 other horses in the ring, trotting, cantering, circling, having a good time.

Pip:  *jigs*

Shannon:  *puts leg on and posts*

Pip:  oh…*walks*

Shannon:  trrrot! *squeezes*

Pip:  uh…

Shannon:  *posting*

Pip:  no really, it’s okay.  I’ll walk.

Shannon:  no way sucker!  You wanted to trot.  Let’s keep trotting!

Pip:  *working the bit and throwing foam around*  crap.

Shannon:  isn’t this fun?

Pip:  I was kind of hoping you’d be intimidated.  *rawr*

Shannon:  keep trotting, Pipsqueak.  (thank you Natalia for the video!)





  1. :)

  2. HEHE. Where’s the video? RAWR…..

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