Posted by: shannonc | March 26, 2009

A good week. A good week?

If I’d posted last week, I might have put you to sleep.  When it comes to working with horses, for some reason, my type A, goal-oriented, stress-seeking personality dissolves into something akin to a Snail Zone.  Was there progress in there somewhere?  I don’t know…let me get out the micron ruler…

I’ve been on Pip 4 or 5 times since Lawn Dart premiered on OTTB Central and although the network’s senior executives haven’t handed down a final decision, word on the street is that the pilot might be dropped for lack of drama.  The first 2 rides, he did a little bit of his hopping thing, but not so much that the bit got pulled all the way through his mouth.  The third ride, there were several moments of actual relaxation – I felt him breathe, give in his back, lower his head and swing a little.  By the fourth ride he was letting me put my leg on much more.  The last ride, we covered nearly the whole ring and his turns from the outside leg were definitely improving – much less shoulder bulge!

This amazing progress report is brought to you by the Walk.  See how boring I am?

So that you aren’t blinded by this ginormous step for Pipkind, I’ll muddy things up with some backslide.  Horse that stood at first for mounting block is AWOL.  This is either a game or some mixed-signal confusion, but I’ve decided to leave it alone for the moment.  Horse that was sort of getting the longe circle has somewhat plateaued and I also haven’t pushed on that hard. 

It’s remotely possible that we might trot someday!  Don’t touch that dial (for 6 months).  :)



  1. Boring is good!

  2. :)

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