Posted by: shannonc | February 17, 2009

And so it begins

I probably should not be allowed around horses at all, as it seems that every time one sticks his nose over the stall door, I fall head over heels.

Cross Tied!

I put new pix up under Mobile Uploads on fb of Pip, in honor of my continuing fascination with the 3-yo-recently-gelded-broken-sesamoid-sweetheart. He now cross ties fairly quietly and has basic ground manners plus a very handy tendency to spook *in place* when, for example, horse-eating snow slides off the roof. I even took him over to my car yesterday to fish out a peppermint. He didn’t bat an eye at the door noises, puddles in the parking lot, etc. I so love that the racehorses come installed with all that equipment desensitization!

He has big, soft ears and the loviest face, and in spite of being not yet 4 by the calendar, decent focus on what’s being asked of him, plus that big hearted tb “I’m really trying to do what you want!” attitude. For a horse who was still a colt until last Halloween, I see surprisingly little in the way of aggressive tendencies – he is *nothing* like Blue – very beta brained so far. Walk him into his stall where there’s hay and he doesn’t look at it twice until the human is done with him. I want to cuddle him to death (although I have already learned that treats are best parceled out scarcely to mister mouth).

The new pix make him look somewhat better I think conformation-wise, but the butt high appearance is no mirage. We sticked him yesterday (no shoes) at 15.3+ in front and almost 16.1 behind.

So, my next-event-horse priority list is shaping up like this:

1. Adorable face
2. Wants to live in my pocket
3. Could probably be convinced to sleep under my pillow
4. Would hide more dirt than previous mount.

Let’s hear it for the importance of talent and ability!




  1. I like your future event horse criteria ;)

  2. …think you need to add “retraining” to your tag list.

  3. Once again.. LOVE IT!

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